biography - illustrations in Canada for magazines, advertising

Elizabeth Simpson is an Ottawa-based illustrator whose works appear weekly in publications across Canada. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art, Elizabeth is a frequent contributor to magazines and newspapers, from the National Post and National Post Business to Canadian Living and Chatelaine.

In addition, she has been commissioned to work for all levels of government and the corporate sector, from the Royal Bank and Bon Marche to the Cities of Vancouver and Ottawa. Libraries, museums and children's programs have also benefited from her illustrations.

The medium is gouache, and her whimsical style and rich use of colour have led to many awards.

Recently, Elizabeth has started painting canvases for children's rooms. These fun, colorful and hand-painted original images are done in acrylic on stretched canvas of various sizes but all with a two-inch depth. Soon to come are images for kitchens and cottages, all on canvas or wooden blocks. Stay tuned!